The Mystery of Pyramids – summary of talk available here

The room was packed full, standing room only, when Nigel Grace recently gave a beautifully-illustrated talk about pyramids. Having taken us on a whistle-stop tour of pyramids around the world, Nigel homed in on the amazing discoveries being uncovered (literally!) in Bosnia. He is very well placed to talk about this incredible project, as he has been personally involved in the excavation work.  The images and the short video clips had everyone gasping in amazement, especially when the orbs came flying out of a newly-opened-up tunnel: just wonderful!

Nigel has promised to come back and do another talk at a later date, but in the meantime here is a PDF summary of the presentation: nowhere near as enjoyable as the real thing, but it may whet your appetite!

Talk by Nigel Grace – Bosnian Pyramids and Energy Pyramids Around the World (revised)

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