The Truth about Cancer

I have been watching the series of films called The Truth about Cancer – a World Quest, made by American Ty Bollinger.
These films explore all aspects of cancer and treatments that actually work, as opposed to conventional chemo and radio therapies that patently don’t. They are very well made, with doctors, researchers and “cancer conquerers” from all over the world sharing their wisdom and knowledge, their experiences and stories. The films are totally depressing – it is very clear that there is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry focused on keeping people sick – but also totally inspiring to see how many natural treatments are available.

I got home from watching one of these films to find this on my Facebook feed. It resonated so much, and sums it all up so well, I felt I wanted to share.


If you would like to know more about The Truth about Cancer films, go to the website: .
Having just looked online again, I see that – inevitably – there is a shower of sites saying that this is all a load of rubbish, “fake news” and so on. What I would say is – have a look and make up your own mind.

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