The year is 1981. A wave of civil unrest is sweeping the country, fuelled by racism and class inequality. Emotions run high, blood is shed in inner-city riots.
In Brighton – still suffering from weekend run-ins and violence after the regular seafront confrontations between the Mods and the Rockers in the late 1960s – a dowser, healer and researcher called Colin Bloy was conducting experiments with the use of energy in healing.

His studies had already shown that healing energy worked on plants and animals as well as people. He knew that this energy could be sent across the miles – certainly from England to Spain – and that it could be measured, even captured in photographs. The increase in size and vibrancy of energy fields before, during and after healing experiments had been documented, giving a factual basis to the positive effects felt by patients.

In the wake of yet another weekend of violence in his home town, Colin Bloy wondered if the same positive effect that was so clearly felt by people, animals and plants could be felt by a place? Could he send healing to Brighton and the community there?
He spread the word, did a lot of groundwork and preparation and chose St Michael’s Day – 29th September – for his experiment.
Some 100 healers were involved in the experiment, supported by those who were sending energy from their homes around the world: after all, it had been shown that distance is no barrier to healing.
A team of dowsers measured the energy emanating from the “hara” or energy point in Brighton, a beautiful fountain at The Old Steine, not far from the beach and the famous pier. The healers gathered in the nearby church of St Bartholemew and focused the thoughts on sending healing energy to the fountain, from where it should be sent to the surrounding community, spreading love, peace and healing.

The experiment worked: energy levels around the fountain increased enormously, and the level of violence in Brighton reduced noticeably. Delighted with the success of what was, in fact, the first modern-day  “intention experiment”, Colin Bloy founded what is now Fountain International, so that groups around the world could help to heal their local communities in a similar way.

As 2020 shapes up, with all the changes it is destined to bring, it seems the perfect time to replicate The Brighton Experiment. And so it is that Judy Sharp, founder of Indigo Umbrella, working closely with Suzanne Thomas, responsible for producing the newsletters and magazines of Fountain International, is organising a gathering of healers on SATURDAY 21st MARCH in Brighton.

If you would like to take part, and join us there in person on the day or from the comfort of your own home, please get in touch – we need you! Email me on  judy@indigoumbrella.co.uk  or call / text me on:  07597 020 512.

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