Wanted: 100 Healers

The Spring and Summer of 1981 were marked by violent riots in towns and cities throughout the country. Blood had been shed, emotions were running high.

Dowse, healer and researcher Colin Bloy wondered if the same techniques of setting an intention and focusing energy on a person could work at healing a place and a situation. He put a call out to his fellow dowsers and healers – and so it was that on 29th September, 100 healers gathered at the fountain at the Old Steine in Brighton, a known energy site (the old ring of stones is still there). Dowsers measured the surrounding energy before and after the session of meditation and sending healing: the increase in size of the energy field was astonishing, and the calming of violent behaviour in Brighton was noticeable. This became known as The Brighton Experiment, and led to the founding of The Fountain Group, now Fountain International.

I have been invited to produce a series of programmes for a local TV station and I felt that this story would make a very interesting programme. Suzanne Thomas, the lady who now runs Fountain International and who holds the archive material, has been very helpful, and so it was that I suggested we should re-create The Brighton Experiment. She has put a call out via the Fountain International newsletter – and I am putting a call out via the Indigo tribe. We need 100 Healers to make this happen, early in the new year.

It will, of course, require considerable organising – moreso perhaps today than 40 years ago with increased traffic apart from anything else. Liaison with the local police to get hold of crime records and statistics over the last three or five years could be a challenge; permissions and licences may be required – who knows? But if the TV station is on board, they will have some sway, I feel sure, and my goodness, what a fabulous demonstration of the power of healing it could be!

Since that time, there have of course been other similar experiments, including those led by Lynne McTaggart, where she and increasingly large groups targeted specific towns with the aim of lowering crime rates. Her success rate was very impressive, which even local police officials had to admit.

At the start of this, I felt it would be an interesting experiment, almost 40 years on, especially as some of the original healers might be taking part, along with some of the new generation of healers who seem to be ready programmed to a higher frequency.

Little did I know at the time that the confusion surrounding Brexit would continue; that there would be a General Election in December; and that come the new year there could well be high levels of discontent throughout the country, along with the fear and uncertainty that swirls already.

Who was pulling my strings, I wonder, to create such an opportunity at such a time of need?

Will you join me in this healing project? If you would like to take part, simply let me have your name and contact details so that I can put you on the list and keep you updated as it takes shape.

(Images of the fountain at the Old Steine and a typical Fountain healing circle from Fountain International)

As part of my research, I am reading Colin Bloy’s book called “I’m just going down to the pub to do a few miracles”, which has been edited and republished by Suzanne Thomas. I’m only a short way in, but already I love it – it is all about healing for healers and those who aspire to be healers; it is written in a clear, straightforward, unassuming way and I thoroughly recommend it. Available on Amazon. His other book, which Suzanne recommends but which is currently only available on Kindle which I dislike intensely, is called “Who’d have thought it?” – so go for that one too, Kindle-lovers!

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