WAVES conference cancelled

It is with a very heavy heart and enormous sadness that I have to say that the WAVES conference will not be taking place in September as arranged.
A combination of serious issues with the venue, and speakers having to drop out for a variety of reasons meant that the event was no longer viable.
It was not possible to find an alternative venue and in the end, I bowed, as gracefully as I could, to the inevitable.

There was a beautiful following wind and positive energy at the outset, but that changed dramatically, and having navigated through a storm, I found myself in the doldrums!
As we know, much is shifting “out there” and I must trust in the process, the Higher Wisdom that can see far more clearly than me what is for the higher good of all.
The only hint I have been given, when I asked the question, was “currency crisis”. We shall see.

If there are any questions, any outstanding issues, please do feel free to contact me on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.
Thank you for your understanding.

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