Have you caught up with this yet? There is a new King. His name is Joseph Gregory Hallett, Greg to his friends, and he says he has a legitimate claim to the throne of England – with all that this implies.
Indeed, he has lodged his official claim, with supporting documentation, with the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Pope, Presidents of US and Russia and other world leaders. So far, it seems, nobody has disputed his claim.

It is a fascinating thought, and chimes perfectly with the End Times we find ourselves in.

Part 1 of an official documentary has just been released – it’s about half an hour and gives a very good overview of the story so far.
There are also other interviews on his website – personally I like the one with Pastor Dave and the one with Charlie Ward, but there are several to choose from.

What is interesting is that he comes at it not only from the point of view of the royal bloodline – which he says has been false since the Rothschilds bailed out the Royal Family after the Battle of Waterloo in exchange for breeding rights for 200 years – but also from the more esoteric Christ Consciousness angle. He cites ancient scriptures and prophecies, and uses a great deal of symbolism and numerology along the way.

As the King for this New Age, he has a suitably caring, compassionate approach, and says that he was invited to be a signatory on GESERA – but doesn’t say whether he actually accepted.

Some of you will find some of his claims totally outrageous. Even I raised my eyebrows a couple of times, and that takes some doing! But then again, in these bonkers times we find ourselves in, it needs someone to shake the whole system, an outsider with no (apparent) agenda, a figurehead to stand grounded when all of the Pillars of the Establishment crash to the ground. They are crumbling now in plain view and when the final crash comes, there needs to be someone at the helm.

Could that someone be Joseph Gregory Hallett – King John III? I invite you to visit his website –
    https://www.kingof.uk/  , watch some of the videos, and judge for yourself!


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