Who will be President?

I am not a political creature by nature but the US election on 3rd November had – and has – implications way beyond the national borders of America.
The following is my personal view, based on information I have gleaned from a number of sources.

Like so much else that is going on in the world today, it is (I believe) a multi-layered affair that has little to do with Democrat v Republican. They are just convenient “team names” for what is going on behind the scenes, something much bigger, much broader and much more important than most people imagine.

One view is that Trump is a sexist, racist Buffoon of a Man, far too dangerous to have his chubby fingers anywhere near the Nuclear Red Button.
Certainly this is the view that the Main Stream Media (MSM) have peddled since the day in 2016 when he so surprisingly defeated Hillary Clinton to become President. Never has a sitting President has such continual negative media coverage and so little positive coverage of what he has achieved¬† (see the article “Buffoon in the White House” for more information).

Others believe that he was put there to do a job, and that he has been doing that job for the last four years. The task in question has been to “drain the swamp” of corruption in all areas but especially politics, media, paedophilia, corporations and the economy. This is a battle between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” at a 4th-dimensional earthly level and, at a much higher, wider level, a battle between good and evil that has to play out on our timeline. It is a battle that good has to win.

Since the election day, Trump’s team has been busy building the case for what has been called “voter fraud” on an enormous scale. It seems clear to even the most sceptical onlookers now that, in states using the Dominion hardware and software system, things were not right. Enormous anomalies in the postal votes; more votes counted than there were voters; votes from people long dead – the list goes on. Video proof of votes being taken from Trump on screen as results were fed in real time to TV channels. Counting that stopped in the early hours of the morning across the Dominion states – and when it re-started, thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of votes had been added to Biden, while none or very few had been added to Trump.

This investigation led to a Dominion server in Frankfurt, Germany and has more recently led to Leonardo satellites owned by the Italian Government but controlled by the Vatican. This, it seems, is how the data was moved around the world in real time so efficiently. And the re-run in Georgia had to play out so that (as it has been explained) the final pieces of the puzzle could be put in place.

What of the “Anarchy on Capitol Hill” as the newspapers have screamed? Was it in fact Trump supporters doing the storming, or was it a group of paid Antifa activists who were told where to enter, where they would be let in – but looking at the footage, nobody had briefed them on what to do when they got in! It seems that some members of Team Trump did go in, and came out with some pieces of kit to further expand the treasure trove of data.
A very recent post from attorney Lin Wood (who has inevitably been banned from Twitter) shows the “shooting of an innocent woman” in slow motion with some very interesting observations that cast doubt on the scenario.

For those who are interested in this other side of the coin, Simon Parkes is an excellent source of information: Charlie Ward sings from that same hymn sheet too. Both are English and therefore a bit less “shouty” than their US counterparts.

President Trump – whose Twitter account was blocked for 24 hours – tweeted that he would not attend the inauguration on 20th January. Is that an admission of defeat, or is it , as his fans would say, a clue that there will not, in fact, be an inauguration on that date?

These next few weeks are crucial, not only for Americans, but for everyone. The ancient prophecies all say that the final battle between good and evil would be played out in America, and this is it. It will get dirty (even dirtier); it will get bloody – and, we can only ask that justice prevails and that good conquers evil.

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